Game Messenger for Travian

Game Messenger for Travian 1.0

Program for automatic monitoring of attacks in an online game Travian
1.0.5 (See all)
Game Messenger

Game Messenger for Travian is a program for automatic monitoring of attacks in an online game Travian. The primary purpose of the program is to monitor any attacks of other players and keep you informed about these attacks. All of that enables you to play game easier, better and more efficient.

The program monitors your game account and informs you with sound alarm,
e-mail and indirectly also to your mobile phone.

Main Features:
- automatic checks of attacks in a random chosen time interval
- manual check of attacks
- sound alarm at new attack
- repeated sounds alarm at the actual attacks
- display of all the attacks in the alarm window
- sound alarm at inactive session
- choose your own sound alarm
- send an e-mail at new attack
- send an e-mail at change of attacks
- send an e-mail at inactive session
- send an e-mail to a mobile phone (push mail)
- custom settings for sending e-mail
- open Travian home page and login page directly from the program
- all messages appear and are sent in the same language as set in your Travian game
- random check makes it difficult to detect the program in use

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